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A Summer CAMP on WHEELS (ASCW) is a two-week, traveling summer camp creating a fun and positive learning experience for our local children. We strive to enhance our local community and strengthen families by involving children in fun activities, hands on learning, and taking part in community service. Through these experiences, the children are able to positively connect with one another and community members, allowing them to be a part of something bigger to become great CITIZENS.

Another attribute setting us apart from other camps is we provide pick-up and drop-off services to the child’s home, ensuring all children have the opportunity to participate in the camp experience. Not only is this service convenient for different family structures (single moms, grandparents raising children, etc), it also gives us the capability to travel to several locations throughout the community to service different neighborhoods.

  • Swimming at Six Flags
  • Enjoying a ride at Six Flags
  • Relaxing at the pool
  • Swim time!
  • Reading together to build community
  • Preparing to tour Towson University
  • Learning American Sign Language with the Deaf Studies Department
  • Seeing the Towson University campus
  • At the library
  • Lunchtime at Pizza Hut
  • Community Service Edgewater Senior Citizens
  • Time for ice cream!

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Camp Operator

Hello, my name is Toni Garner and I am the Camp Operator for A summer CAMP on WHEELS (ASCW). My respect of various family dynamics and community inspired me to make this dream a reality. I experienced many early hardships as a single, working mother. It was during this time, I realized the difficulty in balancing work while maintaining a positive family atmosphere.

Now as a married and working mother of a 23 year old and 10 year old, I am inspired to give back to the community. Today, common family dynamics consist of single-parent homes and/or parents working more, not affording them the extra time to spend with their children. Without positive outlets, children are susceptible to involve themselves in activities adding little or no value to their growth. This motivated me to create a summer camp that reflects societal changes and meets community needs.

After consulting with a group of mothers and personal mentors, I decided to spearhead a two-week trial camp this past summer, using St. Matthews UMC in Shady Side, Maryland as our home base. The camp was a total success! ASCW is now my number one goal and I am excited for the opportunity to support our local children and community for years to come.

In January, I went on a missionary visit to Haiti that inspired me to start my own Haiti Team. Sharing Haiti with you through pictures.

Camp Sessions

2019 camp sessions coming soon!


Double quotes.I am donating to this camp to invest in our children, families and community. As a parent, I want to care, motivate and inspire by leading by example.

Help more children go to A Summer CAMP On WHEELS by giving toward scholarships that support campers in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.

Helping Haiti

Group photo in Haiti.I enjoyed operating A Summer CAMP on WHEELS so much that I expanded this belief through a missionary visit to Haiti in January, 2018. Helping the Haiti community was both challenging and rewarding, in a way I have never experienced. Through this experience, I decided to create my own Haiti Team (more coming soon) and I look forward to inspiring a healthy and balanced environment in which the Haiti children can play, laugh and express themselves. Sharing Haiti with you through pictures.

Thanks to the donations received, work has been completed to build a new house for a Haitian family.

Swim Lessons

Janice Dickens.Hello, my name is Janice Dickens and I am a certified lifeguard and swim instructor. I have been teaching swim lessons to both children and adults since 2010 and have been a certified lifeguard since July 2017. I have experience teaching in both a private and group setting for both children and adults. I am offering lessons for those who are excited and want to learn. I am able to teach water safety as well as swimming techniques.

If interested or would like more information please do not hesitate to email us. Remember, safety first!

Schedules/locations coordinated by client/instructor and pricing provided below:

6 week session: 30 – 45 minute lessons
One child, $140
Two or more children, $180

8 week session: 30 – 45 minute lessons
One child, $180
Two or more children, $220

Weather cancellation:

If bad weather shortens or cancels a lesson/s, extra time will be added on to the following class.

If it was a 30 minute lesson, the following lesson will be 45 minutes.

If it was a 45 minute lesson, the following lesson will be 60 minutes.

** No added lessons, only added time **

** Same concept if cancellation is requested by instructor or client **

Once the session is completed, the child and parent/s will be given a certificate detailing the progress of the child’s swim performance. This certificate will provide the appropriate level of swim lessons the child should participate in.

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